Exposing Crimes & Furthering Justice

Since May 2020, Belarusian journalists, lawyers, activists, and other human rights defenders have reported numerous human rights violations committed by law enforcement, documenting incidents of police brutality, torture, arbitrary detention, and violations of the right to fair trial. The government has since rewarded many direct perpetrators of the crackdowns and punished law enforcement officials who supported the protest. At the same time, the Belarusian legal system has become even more dependent on the executive, and many new laws and amendments further restrict freedom of speech, association, and assembly.

  • 6
    restrictive laws adopted since the beginning of the crisis, at least

  • 4644
    reported incidents of police brutality

  • 300
    or more officials allegedly responsible for police abuse rewarded

  • 86
    officials deprived of their ranks for supporting protesters

  • 5
    officials imprisoned for supporting protesters, at least

  • 14
    former officials declared terrorists for supporting protesters