Dzianis Ivashyn

Journalist, Novy Chas

Detained: 12 Mar 2021
Charges: Art. 365 of the Criminal Code - Interference in the activities of a police officer
Status: Pre-trial, arrested

Dzianis Ivashyn is an investigative journalist based in Hrodna. Ivashyn is editor of the Belarusian version of the investigative website He is also a freelance reporter for the newspaper Novy Chas.

Ivashyn is known for his investigative publications about Russian influence on Belarus and Syria. His latest article dealt with former officers of the Ukrainian Berkut special police force who fled Ukraine and were hired by the Belarusian riot police.

Ivashyn was detained on March 12 by KGB officers. On the same day, security forces searched the journalist’s apartment and his mother’s house, and on March 15, his 95-year-old grandmother’s home was searched.

Dzianis Ivashyn was remanded in custody for two months.

On March 20, it was reported that Ivashyn had been charged under Art. 365 of the Criminal Code, allegedly for “influencing a police officer” in order to “change the nature of his lawful activities” by disclosing classified information.