A birthday letter from Alice Mogwe, FIDH President, to Valiantsin Stefanovic

On 14 October, Valiantsin Stefanovic, vice-president of FIDH and board member of Human Rights Center "Viasna", celebrates his 49th birthday. FIDH President Alice Mogwe congratulates him in a letter.

  • by EECA
  • 14 October 2021

Dearest Valiantsin,

I would like to let you know that you are in our thoughts and that, particularly today, 14 October, on your birthday, we are thinking about you! Your deep commitment to and activities for the protection of the human dignity of all, began some years ago - before you had even turned 20! Your path towards FIDH began when you met Ales Bialiatski (then leader of Viasna-96 Human Rights Centre and later Vice President of FIDH), who literally ‘talked you’ into leaving your previous job and going to work as a lawyer, for him.

Today you are 49 and Viasna has not been a registered organization since 2003, and yet your commitment to your work is as strong as ever.

We are aware that in addition to your commitment to human rights, is your deep love for your family – your wife, your son and your daughters. On your birthday, while we will not be able to play your favourite music for you, we know for certain that you will continue to ‘Imagine’ the world as it is in your vision!

Dearest Valianstin, Happy Birthday – you are remembered daily!

Warm regards and a huge hug,

Alice Mogwe
FIDH President